Search for cruise line companies and check what an average cruise has to offer. Make a list of:


a)       Its facilities:


There are various facilities in each cruise depending the level of luxury. Many cruises include:


-Standard cabin

-Outside stateroom

-Stateroom balcony suite



-Swimming pool





-Others: Cinema, artificial beach, golf, etc.



b)       Number of people it can carry


There are larger than other cruises. For example:


Number of passengers:


- MSC Fantasía: 4363

-Azamara Quest: 694

-Riviera: 1250

-Azamara Journey: 694

-Seabourn Quest: 450

-Seabourn Odyssey: 450

-Seven Seas Voyager: 700


c)       Members of the crew


- MSC Fantasía: 1370

-Azamara Quest: 408

-Riviera: 800

-Azamara Journey: 408

-Seabourn Quest: 335

-Seabourn Odyssey: 335

-Seven Seas Voyager: 445


d)       Leasure activities organized


-Guided sea views

-Relaxing massages

-National and international food cathering

-Coffee breaks and cocktails


-Facial treatments