Top MeetUps Sites in 2019

In 2019, sugar love has become the new trend. At least, those who are attracted by this practice hide it less today compared to a few decades ago. However, statistics (and experience) show that to find a sugar baby, the best thing is not to approach anyone in the street, bar or cafe. Now, there are dating sites that connect rich men and women who are thirsty for new adventures.

As you know, not all dating sites are equal. It is therefore important to know how to sort the wheat from the chaff. For that, we realized for you a comparison of the best sugar baby meeting sites.


As the name suggests, DoubleList ( is clearly positioned as a facebook for personals. Once in the site, the graphic charter is clearly reminiscent of the social network of reference, the pink color replacing the blue of Facebook. Inside, many pictures of girls are available but find plenty of well-known models of the web. In the attached photo you may be able to recognize Brianna Frost, famous who probably does not need to go on DoubleList to find guys with whom to sleep. DoubleList claims 7 million members, but we do not know if we should trust the site's claims if the photos on the site are those of the porn star. We'll notice that the pictures of guys look real.


SwingLifeStyle ( is a swing dating site that offers its members to find a partner for a hot date. But is it really the best site? Given the number of fake profiles on SwingLifeStyle, it turns out not. And then we found much better to search for an adventure faster.

We prefer to be clear, our experience and opinions on SwingLifeStyle make us say that this site does not look very reliable. Indeed, there seem to be many false profiles on SwingLifeStyle even if it is possible to find real ones. The problem would be that one often falls on inactive profiles. To increase the chances of meeting real motivated profiles, choose a good dating site. A site that allows you to meet hot women and naughty but respectful men.

How to recognize them? There is often a real validation of the profiles at the entrance. And usually, these sites are paying. The most effective ones according to our analyzes are those which make pay the men and the women. It's a good sign of real and motivated members. And it is usually possible to register for free and see the profiles to see if we are likely to find happiness.

Seeking Arrangement

This is the site Seeking Arrangement  ( which is in first place of our comparison best meeting site sugar baby.

The reason is very simple: the site includes all the criteria to allow anyone to find a sugar baby. First of all, it is a site where everything is explicit and transparent. As its name suggests, this is a site that wants to create meetings between men and sugar babies.

Seeking Arrangement is one of the essentials in this field. Its place in this comparison is not surprising. Already, it is enough to see the affluence that there is on the site. Not only does the site have an incredibly high response rate when sending messages to members, but there are many more women than men.

For a sugar daddy who is looking for a sugar baby, this site is probably the best on the market. Moreover, it is no coincidence that he is number 1 in our comparison for this year 2019.


Bazoocam chat ( is a platform where all people wishing to meet people gather. The site is used to expand one's circle of friends and to cross the path of the ideal partner for life.

The site visit is very simple. Even without having to register, users can send themselves messages. So, they can see the list of members who are connected. It should be noted that the site is accessible everywhere in the world, so there are different nationalities.

NRJ Chat

Apart from its free NRJ chat ( , one of its strengths is its ease of use with including a whole section of the site available without even having to enter an email address and a password. Very popular among teens, minors are supposed to have the green light of their parents to be able to register. Unfortunately no verification system has been put in place and the difficulty is to know if the person at the correct age. A site where people go to spend time and chat but it clearly does not seem to be the place or make serious encounters for a romantic relationship.

More Nrj Chat

  • Totally free
  • No registration required
  • Very easy to use
  • One of the most popular French cats
  • Filters to search members with whom to chat (by age, city, ...)
  • Effective for making new friends
  • Hard to be original with a description limited to 25 characters
  • Discretion that all messages are private
  • Possibility, if desired, to register and create a profile to establish contacts


Did you go hunting for Love on Tinder ( ? But do you really know how your weapon works? To multiply your chances of meeting "the one", it is still necessary to know the application on the fingertips. It's more convenient for swipe right.

We have analyzed for you this article which proposes to make us understand how the algorithm of Tinder works. Because, yes, like any application, the platform works according to some scholarly calculations. "Geek stuff", clearly, but influencing the profiles that you can happily swipe and those who will have the chance to superlike your pretty face. In short, this algorithm impacts your chances of meeting the soul mate. All of a sudden, computing seems exciting to us.

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